Tips for Getting an Effective AC Repair Service Denham Springs LA

Summer in Dehnam Springs, LA, can be brutal if you do not have air conditioning, especially if you spend a lot of time indoors. In severe cases, lack of air conditioning can cause heat stroke among other types of medical problems. To ensure you always have a working AC unit and reduce the downtime whenever a breakdown occurs, it is important you hire a competent HVAC company to repair and service your air conditioning equipment. At CPR A/C and Heat, LLC, we are specialists in air conditioning repairs. We offer the most effective AC repair service Denham Springs LA.

About Our AC Repair Service

We offer both scheduled and emergency AC repairs to suit the needs of our clients. If you can wait to have your AC repaired at a convenient time, you can schedule a repair service. If temperatures are incredibly high, or you just can’t do without air conditioning, emergency repair service is always available 24/7.

Our Repair Process

The first thing we do after receiving an AC repair request is troubleshoot the AC. The unit is first turned on to see if it runs. If it does not turn on, the power supply cable is checked for any problem. If the power supply has no problem, our technicians will try turning the thermostat down, below the room temperature to see if the unit turns on. If it doesn’t, our technicians will open up the unit and check what the problem might be. Any worn out part is replaced, electrical wiring fastened and the level of the refrigerant checked. Once the problem has been identified and dealt with, the AC is assembled and turned on. If your AC machine has a problem, be sure to call us immediately for effective repairs.