UV Lights in Baton Rouge, Denham Springs and the Surrounding Areas

There are many interesting facts about your home that you may not know, but would like to know. For instance, did you know that the quality of air in your home is poorer than the quality of air outside? Well, it’s a fact. This is scary especially when you consider the amount of air pollution that takes place outside. The truth, however, is that most homes have as much pollutants as outdoor air. For instance, there is the carbon dioxide gas we exhale from the lungs.

There are also perfumes, air fresheners and odors from different parts of the house, among other things. The upholstery, clothing and carpets in your home can also release tiny fibers which can easily become airborne when there is forced circulation of air. In addition to these impurities, there are also pathogens, which come in form of viruses, fungi and bacteria among other forms. Mold spores, flu virus and many other types of pathogens can also be found in your home.

Removing Air Contaminants

The task of cleaning air is left to the air conditioning machine, which has highly efficient filters. In fact, no airborne particle can pass through the filter. Most filters can efficiently trap particles to ensure that the air coming from the other side is clean. Unfortunately, they are not able to remove microscopic pathogens. Only UV lights can effectively deal with airborne pathogens circulating in your home. If you do not already use UV lights in your home to clean the air, you may want to consider having a UV lamp installed by a professional.

UV Lamp Installation

At CPR A/C and Heat, we recommend UV lamp installation either inside the duct-work or at the evaporator coils. These are two parts of the HVAC system that come into direct contact with all the air circulating in the building. Our technicians are NATE-certified so you can expect the best results possible from them.

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