Ductless AC Systems in Baton Rouge, Denham Springs Louisiana and the Surrounding Areas

Ductless AC Installation Baton Rouge LA

There are many types of air conditioning systems in existence, but the central AC and ductless AC systems are the most popular. The latter is popular because it does not require any type of ductwork. Furthermore, it’s also cheaper to procure, install and maintain. A ductless air conditioning system has two main components; an air handler, which is mounted inside the building on the wall or the ceiling, and a condenser unit, which is mounted outside and it’s solely responsible for cooling and compressing the refrigerant.

At CPR AC & Heat, we have NATE-certified technicians who have been professionally trained to handle all types of AC systems, including ductless AC’s.

Ductless AC Systems

Ductless HVAC Systems, like all other types of air conditioners, have an evaporator coil and a fan, which moves air from the room into the air handler, over the refrigerant coils. As air comes into contact with the freezing-cold evaporator coils, it is cooled. Air is also filtered in the air handler before being released back into the room. As the refrigerant gets warmer after absorbing heat from air, it is taken back to the condenser unit for heat disposal and compression, in preparation for another cycle.

Expert Ductless AC Installation Service

CPR A/C & Heat offers affordable and effective AC installation services. Our technicians will start by quantifying your cooling needs based on the floor area of your property and number of occupants. Next, they will give you a free quote and help you pick the right appliance for your needs. If the cost is within your financial reach, the project can start immediately. Otherwise, you may need to get financing first.

We have been in the AC installation, maintenance and repair service for long, so we understand the needs of both residential and commercial clients. Whether you need your AC serviced, repaired or replaced, be sure to call us for affordable services.

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Ductless AC Systems in Baton Rouge, Denham Springs Louisiana or the Surrounding Areas? Call CPR AC and Heat to discuss various options for your Air Conditioning needs!