Is It Time To Replace your AC?

C.P.R. A-C & Heat

If you’ve been relying on the same old AC unit since you bought your house or your home got affected by the “Great Flood”, you’re not just affecting your utility bill, you’re affecting your health. Scheduling an air conditioner replacement in Denham Springs, LA is about your health, not just your comfort.

A good AC unit isn’t just for cooling your air, it also circulates, filters and cleans your air so that you can breathe easy and feel healthy. If you’ve been paying for repeated repairs of an old AC, it’s probably time for a new one. After all, the Louisiana summers get hot and this one is already shaping up to be a scorcher.

Don’t wait until the middle of summer when the heat is at it’s worst, get your home ready in advance with an air conditioner replacement in Denham Springs, LA. In order to maximize your home’s efficiency, you could also hire a contractor to make sure all the seals around your doors and windows are airtight. That way, you get to keep all the clean air you’re paying to cool.

Dust, pollen, and dander

Outdoors, the air is naturally purified by the cycles of the weather. Airborne particles are ionized and drawn into the water cycle so that the air stays fresh and clean. But indoors, the air can grow stale and clogged with dust, pollen, dander and other microscopic particles. Even if you can’t smell or feel it, your lungs certainly notice.

Dirty air is especially bad for you when you sleep. It can lead to congestion, allergies, or more serious health problems like pneumonia and asthma. If you have young children, elderly family members or a pregnant woman in your household, it is especially important to keep your air clean.

Bacteria and chemicals

Outdoors, plants help to neutralize airborne bacteria and harmful chemicals. In fact, our planet’s greenery is also our natural air purification system and is vital to keeping us all healthy and strong. However, indoors we are not afforded the luxury of purified air unless we take steps to attain it. C.P.R. A/C & Heat can help you with indoor air quality services and install UV purification systems to keep your air as fresh as the outdoors.

These systems kill 99% of airborne bacteria and chemicals. This won’t just keep you from getting sick, it will also lead to healthier bodily functions on a daily basis and promote healthy growth. This is especially important if you are raising kids as they are undergoing the most critical phases of growth and are especially reactive to their environment.


Dehydration is so common that it can be easy to forget that it is a serious risk. It doesn’t just cause headaches, it can lead to heatstroke and other severe sickness as well as have a critical effect on child and infant development. If you have young kids, elderly relatives or an expecting mother in the house, it is vitally important that your home is a comfortable temperature.

If you are sweating in your own home, it is definitely time to replace your AC.

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