Three Signs That Your AC Needs a Checkup

AC repair service in Denham Springs, LA

There’s nothing better than going inside your house to escape the intense Denham Springs heat during summer. Your home’s air conditioning is great at making your home feel peaceful, calm and relaxing.

What happens when things aren’t so cool anymore? What can you do? You’ve already cranked up the AC as high as it goes and your house still isn’t any cooler. It’s a scorching hot day and things are getting steamy.

It’s time to call the experts in AC repair service in Denham Springs, LA.

Part of something bigger

Your air conditioning is part of a bigger system. Your home’s ducts, insulation, roof, doors, window and AC system all work together to keep your house cool. If one of them develops a problem, it can very well drag the whole system down and prevent you house from cooling.

It’s critical that when you hire an AC expert to fix your system that they can properly diagnose what the problem is. Many times, what will happen is that there are a combination of things that caused the problem in the first place. So even if you can get your AC working, it could break down again soon if the root cause isn’t determined.

AC repair service in Denham Springs LA

The usual suspects

As we mentioned before, there are several things that can cause your AC to stop working. Most of the time the problems come from the house’s ductwork, the thermostat, the AC refrigerant and the unit’s condenser coils.

Your home’s ductwork is responsible for circulating air in and out of your house. It’s also responsible for making sure that the air quality is adequate. Dirty ducts, air leaks, bad insulation and poor design are some of the problems that can keep your AC system from getting the job done.

The thermostat is the unit that is in charge of telling the system when to start and stop. So if you have faulty thermostat, the system could be working perfectly but it just won’t know what to do. Sometimes thermostats have simple fixes, such as replacing the batteries or doing a master reset. It’s always a good idea to go through the owner’s manual and make sure the little things are configured properly.

Refrigerant can be another cause of problems. Sometimes there can be refrigerant leaks that keep the AC from cooling or it can simply be that the unit needs maintenance. Your AC refrigerant is a serviceable component, so make sure you are scheduling a complete maintenance at the recommended time intervals.

The worst thing that could happen is when there is problem in the HVAC design for your home. This can lead to expensive remodeling and repairs. If this is the problem, you need to make sure you contact an expert to properly model a system for your home.

If your home just isn’t cool enough, call the most reliable AC repair service in Denham Springs, LA at (225) 665-0306. CPR A/C and Heat will get your house cool in no time.