What type of AC should I buy?

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When you’re shopping around for an air conditioner replacement in Denham Springs, LA, the options can seem overwhelming as you sort through the massive list of AC contractors in the area. Luckily, C.P.R. A/C Heat has the reputation and standards that make us the easy choice for affordable, high-quality work in the area.

One of your first steps in finding an air conditioner is deciding the type you want to install. Here is our breakdown of the three most common types and a comparison of how they each work. In this article, we’ll cover window units, central air conditioning, and ductless AC units, helping you narrow the options down.

Window AC units

The cheapest initial cost is definitely a window unit. You can install it yourself and plug in and go. While it’s easy to set up and purchase, a window unit is more of a temporary solution and doesn’t offer much in terms of looks to a home. It can cool one room decently, but it will cost you the most in energy bills to run and won’t work at cooling an entire house. Our suggestion: use a window unit if you’re renting a place but look for a more effective and attractive option if you own your home.

Central or forced air conditioning

These units cool the whole house efficiently and effectively by circulating air around the home over a system of ducts and vents. Going with a forced air system does mean you will need to have ductwork installed if you don’t already, adding to the purchase cost of your unit. Most American homes rely on central air, making it an attractive option for resale. One positive to central air over split air systems is the vents are hardly noticeable compared to the rectangular wall units in each room with a ductless system. If your home is newly constructed and doesn’t have ductwork already in place, check out ductless split air units, too, though, as they have their advantages, too

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Ductless or split air systems

As we mentioned, ductless systems come with some big perks as well. First, they offer high precision in quickly changing the temperature in a room or small area of the house, where central air can slightly vary in it’s coverage from place to place. Secondly, it’s easier to get high efficiency models. These units are easier to install compared to adding ductwork and a central air unit to a home. Initial costs will probably be the highest going this route, but the high energy savings potential means over time it could outweigh the initial investment.

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