Whole House Air Filters in Baton Rouge, Denham Springs IL and the Surrounding Areas

It is always nice to have an efficient heating and cooling system to warm and cool your home during winter and summer respectively. However, the idea of sealing the entire house completely to prevent leakage of air can be dangerous, even if there is some venting. This is because most of the air contaminants found in homes come from within the home, not outside. For instance, there are odors and vapors from perfumes, lotions and other cosmetic products. There is also smoke and fumes from cooking processes.

When we exhale, we release carbon dioxide, which further contaminates the air. Furthermore, you will find mold spores and other airborne pathogens circulating in the house. There is also loose fibers coming from the carpet, upholstery, clothing and bedding in the house. On top of that, there is pet dander and fur circulating in the house. What this shows is that indoor air quality is not good enough for human consumption, which means that every home requires an air cleaning or purification system to keep air quality at tolerable levels.

Installing Whole House Air Filters

While the air filters in your HVAC system help to remove air impurities, these inbuilt air filtration systems are often insufficient. The best remedy is to install whole house air filters, and we can help you with that. At CPR A/C company, we have been helping clients to improve the quality of air in their homes for many years. Our technicians are highly qualified and NATE-certified, so they are well versed with all aspects of indoor air quality. We also deal in the highest quality water filtration systems. If you are concerned with the quality of air in your home, you should consider calling us for consultations to discuss your options. Our technicians can also pay you a visit to check the IAQ in your home. We also provide estimates for little to nothing, so you can find out what the cost of installation of the air filtration system will be beforehand.

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