AC Tune-up in Denham Springs, Baton Rouge, and the Surrounding Area

AC Tune-Up in Denham SpringsAll air conditioning and heating companies offer four types of services; installation, maintenance, tune-up and repairs. The first service is offered on new development as well as existing buildings with obsolete air conditioners. Maintenance is done every couple of months and has similar benefits as AC tune-up. This helps to prevent the air conditioner from breaking down.

AC Tune Up Service

Air conditioner tune up is the process of servicing and repairing an air conditioning machine. The main objectives of the tune up are; to repair damages, prevent future breakdowns, improve indoor air quality and increase the efficiency of the air conditioner. This is a process that can only be handled by licensed professionals, so property owners should take their time to find the right service provider.

Expert HVAC Technicians

C.P.R. A/C & Heat has been offering HVAC services for many years, so our technicians have the expertise and experience needed to service and repair any make or model of air conditioning machine. During the tune-up service, our technicians will start by inspecting the air conditioner for mold, ice formation, blockage of the condensate drain pipe and unusual odors coming from the unit. The thermostat will also be adjusted to different temperatures. Electrical wires will also be checked to ensure they are complete and well-secured. The next step in the process is to check the level of refrigerant in the compressor. Our technicians will then open up the AC, clean every component and replace the air filter. Moving or rotating parts, such as the compressor pump and blowers, must also be lubricated to reduce friction. The refrigerant may also need to be recharged and worn out parts replaced to ensure the AC machine is as good as new.

AC Tune-up in Denham Springs

When in need of AC tune-up, be sure to call our offices to request a free estimate and schedule a service. You do not need to worry about the make or model of your equipment since we handle all types of AC machines.

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