Residential AC Repairs in Denham Springs, LA

The typical air conditioner is bound to require repairs about once a year. If treated well, such repairs can ensure that your AC unit lasts for many years to come without ever having any major issues. If handled carelessly, however, your AC unit can develop deeper and more costly problems over time. At C.P.R. A/C Heat, we treat every repair like a life and death situation, hence the name. And this is why we provide the most trusted residential AC repairs Denham Springs LA has to offer.

Our AC repair service

At C.P.R. A/C Heat, we can tackle any repair your unit may have succumbed to. We are also familiar with all brands and models of ACs. That means that if we come to you for a service, we only leave when the job is done.

Some of the common residential AC repairs we encounter in our line of work include ACs that are not cooling properly, units that are making too much noise, units that won’t start or units that won’t take user commands. We can do everything from sealing leaks to repairing worn ducts, refilling the refrigerant, and even replacing the thermostat or capacitor.

Why choose C.P.R. A/C Heat?

Unlike other bigger companies that only care about profits, we are a smaller company that only cares about 100% customer satisfaction. We care about our job and we aim to please every time. We uphold great professionalism in our line of duty and we always clean up after we’re done just to ensure we don’t leave any mess behind.

Talk to us

If you need residential AC repairs and you’re in Denham Springs, LA, we are waiting to serve you. Call us now on (225) 665-0306 and we’ll be happy to provide you with a free no-obligation quote.