Heater Maintenance Tips

When your home’s heating system collapses, it can only spell discomfort for you and your family and trouble for your wallet. If you have a vast knowledge on the technical front then you may attempt to to perform general maintenance and minor repairs on your own, however, it is most common and most advisable to leave this kind of work to the professionals.

Whichever route you choose, there are certain tips which can make the process a little easier to complete.

  • Check your filters monthly.

Don’t wait for an actual problem to surface before you call a professional. Examine your filters regularly to avoid bigger issues in the future.

  • Smell around your appliance for gas leaks.

This is an easy way to identify defects, there should at no time be a smell of gas in your home.

  • Visually inspect your exhaust vent for damage, rust, or deterioration.

You don’t need to be an expert to do these minor inspections. Visually you can tell when something is deteriorating or has surface damage.

  • Trim the shrubs and plants near the condensing unit to guarantee proper air circulation.

Again, this is something you can do independently, it won’t take much time or effort and can end up saving your money in the long-term.

  • Have an annual system maintenance done by experts.

Over and above your personal efforts, you will have to employ the services of the professionals to carry out a full maintenance service on your heating system.The professionals will be able to troubleshoot problems that are not easily noticeable or visible to the naked eye. They can easily identify possible defects and prevent bigger problems from resulting.

The experts are the best at what they do but if in need urgently, there are certain things that you can do as quick fixes to problems, remembering that these are not permanent remedies and the professionals will have to be called in to ensure that the repairs are done in the correct manner.:

Heating System Quick Fixes

Issue: There’s no heat at all.

  • Check if there are any blown fuses or some whether a circuit breaker has tripped.
  • Go for a drive belt replacement.

Issue: Your rooms are not warm enough.

  • Filter replacement is the first thing you should carry out.
  • Clean the registers and remove any obstructions that are blocking the register.
  • Seal any  leaks in the ducts using  duct tape.

Issue: Soot collects in your home.

  • Filter replacement is necessary in this instance.

Issue: The blower gets noisy when your burner is off.

  • Tighten the setscrews on the pulley.
  • Replace the blower mounts.
  • Go for drive belt replacement.
  • Adjust the belt tension.

Remember these are short-term remedies and you must call the professionals in case there are underlying problems which could result in complete system failure.

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